PS    Last Voyage of AE2
PS    Charge at Beersheba
PS    Smithy Interactive
P    Who Am I?
ECPS    Battle Casualties
ECPS    Infantryman
ECP    Where in the world?
ECP    Checking your gear
ECP    Suitcase Treasure
ECP    ANZAC Puzzles
ECP    Uniforms Over Time
ECP    Flying the Flag
ECP    Women in War
ECPS 1899-1902 Boer War
  1914-1918 World War 1
ECPS    WW1 - General
ECPS    WW1 - Gallipoli
ECPS    WW1 - Western Front
ECPS    WW1 - Middle East
ECPS    WW1 - Home Front
  1939-1945 World War 2
ECPS    WW2 - General
ECPS    WW2 - Europe/Middle East
ECPS    WW2 - Asia/Pacific
ECPS    WW2 - Prisoner of War
ECPS    WW2 - Home Front
ECPS 1945-49 BCOF (British Commonwealth Occupation Force - Japan)
ECPS 1950-1953 Korea
ECPS 1950-1960 Malayan Emergency
ECPS 1964-1966 Indonesia
ECPS 1962-1972 Vietnam
ECPS 1990-1991 Gulf
ECPS 2003-2006 Iraq 2003
ECPS 1947-2006 Peacekeeping - General
ECPS 1999-2000 Peacekeeping - East Timor
ECPS Commemoration
ECPS Heroes
ECPS Women
PS Community
ECPS Victoria Cross
ECPS Family
PS Memorials


The ADCC education site has a wealth of resources about Australia's military history and heritage for teachers and students.

These are at Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary levels.

You can find what you are looking for by Themes, or Individual Wars.

The list of relevant resources under the theme or war you select is colour-coded:

EC Early Childhood
P Primary
S Secondary

There is also a brief description for each resource.

The description will:
• indicate a summary of the contents
• indicate if it is a Queensland related resource
• advise whether it is a *classroom-ready unit, or an *interactive resource, or *supplementary information about the topic

Click to go to the resource and download it if you wish to.

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